ERP is a Software that manages all the key business processes and functions of an organization, it is combined with a WMS which manages and coordinates the various activities and processes within a warehouse.

WMS refers to a Warehouse Management System. Our WMS Fast Track is a software application that helps organizations manage and optimize their warehouse operations. A WMS typically includes functionalities such as inventory tracking, order management, picking and packing, and shipping.

The host interface is a communication link between the warehouse management system software WMS and DCMS and even other systems or devices within the warehouse. allows the warehouse management system to exchange data and commands with other systems or devices, such as automated storage and retrieval systems and conveyor systems.

DCMS stands for Distribution Center Management System. The DCMS include functionalities such as inventory management, order management, shipment tracking, and reporting. It is designed to optimize the efficiency of distribution center operations and streamline the flow of goods from the warehouse to the end customer.


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uses real-time data to track and manage the flow of goods and items within the distribution center, ensuring efficient and accurate sorting. The software is responsible for controlling and directing the automated sorting systems, such as the GOH Sorter, Tilt Tray, Sortrak, and Cross Belt, to ensure that items are sorted and routed to the correct destination.

The software is also capable of generating reports and analytics to help managers monitor and optimize the sorting process, such as tracking the efficiency of each automated sorting system and identifying bottlenecks or issues that may be affecting productivity.

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Manage your automated warehouse with eManager

To maximise your automated warehouse efficiency, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction, we have developed our own software – eManager. It is the portal to all the information you need to optimise your operations and prepare for growth.

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Increase automation and boost your profit

eOperator is the robotic arm from Element Logic driven by machine learning. It has been proved to work with AutoStore and is deemed the future of logistics.

SDI Element Logic tree diagram showing hardware solutions

SkySort software is responsible for controlling the Joey Pouch Sorter by directing the movement of items through the sorter system, ensuring that each item is routed to the correct destination. The software uses real-time data to track the flow of items through the sorter, allowing it to optimize the speed and efficiency of the sorting process.

SkySort also includes various features that enable managers to monitor and optimize the performance of the Joey pouch sorter system, such as generating reports and analytics on sorting speed, accuracy, and throughput.

SDI Element Logic tree diagram showing hardware solutions

Dynapro software is responsible for controlling the Light-Directed Picking system by sending instructions to the display devices and lights, directing the worker to the correct location and item to be picked. The software also collects data on the picking process, allowing managers to track performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

SDI Element Logic ecosystem
makes it easy.

Our ecosystem allows you to execute, operate, and manage end-to-end automated warehouse solutions. Our software – ItmSort, eOperator, eManager, DynaPro and Skysort – are an integral part of our integrated warehouse management system (WMS) and (DCMS).

A robust and automated warehouse management system (WMS) and Distribution Center Management System (DCMS) are critical components of any modern warehouse operation. They allow companies to effectively and efficiently manage the flow of goods and information within the warehouse, ensuring that orders are fulfilled accurately and on time. An automated WMS and DCMS can help reduce errors, improve productivity, and increase overall efficiency. They can also provide real-time visibility into warehouse operations, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions about their supply chain.

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Our software is designed to be customized to each client’s specific needs, offering the benefits of a robust and automated system with the flexibility to meet the unique needs of your operation.


Our products work together to provide a complete warehouse solution. We integrate data from our in-house developed software products and third-party sources to offer you a fully interconnected ecosystem of data-driven software solutions.

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We have decades of knowledge and strategic commitment in developing software solutions for warehouses. Our expertise has resulted in software that significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and processing capacity.

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