AutoStore is often referred to as a Goods to Person solution or an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) unit that’s as dense as they come! Inventory in the Distribution Center is stored in bins — which stack one on top of another creating columns—and ran by robots. These robots are small carts with wheels that glide across the top of the aluminum grid and have an elevator-type mechanism that digs out the necessary bins. The robots take the bins needed to create the orders and bring them to a port. The person at the port is presented with one bin at a time and told which item(s) to take out to complete the order.

This solution does not require light in the aisles, or aisles for that matter, as there are no people picking. The savings due to energy and space can vary but are overall high in comparison to other solutions.

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The AutoStore ASRS System



Product is stored in Bins which are stacked on top of each another in the Grid, creating high density storage


The aluminium grid provides storage space for the bins & tracks for the robots to drive on. Made of only 17 unique parts, it is modular & flexible, making it easy to install & fit to any floorplan.


Robots travel along the top of the grid, retrieving Bins & delivering them to Ports}, or workstations. Robots are able to access any bin & deliver to any Port in the system


Bins are delivered to operators at ports, or workstations used for picking or put away. Having multiple Robots & Ports creates redundancy, ensuring no single point of failure


The Controller is the brain behind the system, telling the Robots where to drive. AutoStore’s software determines the most efficient Robot movements, ensuring optimal system performance


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  • No Aisles Needed

  • No Shelving Requirements

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  • Full Order Consolidation at Each Port

Additional conveyance / sortation systems not needed

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  • Natural Slotting

Fast moving Bins always reside at the top; slotting performed automatically

  • System Flexibility

Great for lower ceiling height facilities as well as tall; can fit any facility layout/shape

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  • No Single Point of Failure

Fully redundant system

  • Pick and Replenish in Parallel

No need to interrupt activities

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  • Green Solution

Battery powered Robots consume 60% less energy compared to other technologies

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  • Future Proof

Size and purchase for current needs and expand as required. System extensions able to be done without shutting down current operations