In today’s world, it is crucial to be able to keep up with online demands. As customers’ expectations increase, so must the speed with which things are handled. SDI provides the latest technologies to help you reach your goals of increasing efficiency, reducing your footprint and cutting your costs in the DC– making your investment worthwhile.

Small Items Sortation

SDI to design a greenfield facility for a new corporate world head quarters and national Distribution center. After review of existing operations, SDI concluded that a process overhaul would create a far more efficient solution for the client.

Internet Fulfillment

SDI installed a Sortrak unit sorter for a major apparel retailer to process e-commerce orders. The original sorter was designed with a single induction platform with room to accommodate 8 inductors, 173 chutes and 57 packstations.

JOEY Pouch Sorter

JOEY Pouch Sorter is an ultra-flexible system that makes use of powered systems and gravity to transport, sort, accumulate, and buffer items in the DC. This unique solution uses pouches to handle an infinite variety of individual items. The solution generally incorporates loading stations, intermediate storage buffer, and a feed to packing stations.