Increased order, speed and accuracy is of paramount importance to customers in today’s retail distribution centers. It’s imperative that operations run as efficiently as possible. SDI provides accurate, dependable and efficient material handling, sortation, and order fulfillment solutions for the retail distribution market. Handling anything from clothing, to footwear, DVDs, cartons, small parts, watches, pharmaceuticals, etc. The systems and software, that SDI supplies, are powering some of today’s most sophisticated high-throughput facilities in the retail market.


SORTRAK is the product of an extensive Research and Development effort by SDI. Our objective was to produce an economical solution for Unit level Sortation that offers the flexibility of traditional cross belt and tilt tray technologies.

Internet Fulfillment

SDI has been offering turnkey materials handling solutions for over 30 years. We are specialists in unit handling and garment sortation, consulting, engineering and design, systems integration and software integration. SDI offers a total engineering and integration service.

Bombay Sorter

The Bombay Sorter is a space-saving and versatile sortation system designed specifically to handle medium sized product at rates of up to 7,200 units per hour. The machine consists of a loop of trays connected to a chain.