“We did this facility with SDI from a design phase to a fully live operational start in less than five months, I’ve been doing this for 30 plus years now, and typically my best facilities have been done in a time period between six to nine months, Jim DeVeau, CEO of Taylored Services, said. ”The only way we accomplished this was through our partnership with SDI,”  Jim DeVeau, CEO of Taylored Services(3PL).

If you are in Third Party Logistics, sorting is the name of your game. With your customers’ needs being completely different from one to the other, an ever-increasing demand for single-unit sortation is at an all-time high. SDI can help you meet those demands by assessing and executing the best solution for your Distribution Center’s needs.

Offering a wide range of solutions to improve operational efficiency for wholesale distribution of general merchandise, clothing, pharmaceuticals, footwear, parcels, etc..for faster and more frequent shipments, increased in-stock levels, decreased inventory costs and value-added services. SDI provides a broad range of high-speed, high-performance material handling software and systems for the wholesale distribution market, including systems for cross-docking, sortation, order fulfillment, palletizing, and total warehouse control.