SDI Element Logic eOperator Robot at Apotea's warehouse

SDI Element Logic eOperator Robot at Apotea’s warehouse

Apotea.se is Sweden’s largest online pharmacy, with the country’s most comprehensive range of over-the-counter products and prescription drugs.

Sweden’s leading online pharmacy Apotea has fully automated its logistics center during the autumn of 2022 to be able to deliver approximately 50,000 orders a day quickly, easily, and smoothly to its customers. For the first time, the entire process is integrated, and for the first time in the world, the unique piece-picking robot eOperator is fully integrated with an AutoStore solution. A result of international cooperation between Element Logic, AutoStore, RightHand Robotics, and Apotea.

Pharmacy products are one of the fastest-growing segments of both Swedish and European e-commerce. Apotea.se is Sweden’s largest online pharmacy, with the country’s most comprehensive range of over-the-counter products and prescription drugs.

“During the pandemic, we looked at expanding the capacity to be able to go from delivering 50,000 orders to 100,000 orders. That’s when we started looking at Element Logic and AutoStore. When we thought of installing AutoStore, it was precisely the ability of being able to robotize the picking that was one of the driving forces.” says Pär Svärdson, CEO at Apotea.  


Leading customer experience through automation 

Apotea strives to deliver the best customer experience in the industry, through fast and accurate deliveries. In Apotea’s logistics center in Morgongåva, Sweden, the company has invested in automation from Element Logic, which takes care of the entire warehouse process. The goal is to optimize delivery, efficiency, and be able to cope with large variations in incoming orders. The extent of integrated automation is the first in the world and the installation consists of 20,000 bins (with space for a total of 25,000), 30 AutoStore robots (R5), and four carousel ports, where three of these are handled by the piece-picking robot eOperator. Initially, the new capacity at Apotea is estimated to be 800 order lines per hour. The installation is a collaboration between Element Logic, AutoStore, RightHand Robotics, and Apotea. At the end of 2022, all CEOs and founders from the respective companies met at Apotea to inaugurate the solution.

“For us, it was important to have a solution that can handle variations in product size and order intake that can be expanded as we grow.” Pär Svärdson continues “This investment helps us become more efficient, which makes it easier for us to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

“To Apotea, the automation solution of AutoStore, eOperator, and other features from Element Logic goes splendidly with their combined targets of optimal warehouse efficiency and environmental care.” says Dag-Adler Blakseth, CEO at Element Logic Group “We look forward to following Apotea’s journey towards highly accurate deliveries along with saved energy, reduced noise levels and ergonomically friendly working hours.”

The piece-picking robot eOperator – a unique solution 

Apotea is investing in the world’s most advanced piece-picking robot solution by installing eOperator, making them pioneers internationally by using robots to pick from an AutoStore, fully automatic 24/7, even in the dark. Through machine learning, eOperator automatically selects the best way to handle an item to be picked, which increases order capacity as well as goods handling and delivery time.

“… eOperator makes it possible to deliver quickly to customers, even at nights, weekends, and bank holidays.” Pär Svärdson continues “It is clear that you get a 24-hour operation, which is completely exceptional. We get better efficiency, faster deliveries, everything became cheaper and more efficient. It became natural to say; yes, let’s go.”

Sweden’s most sustainable e-commerce wants to improve 

Apotea is not only the Swedish market-leading online pharmacy, but it’s also Sweden’s most sustainable e-commerce company according to Sustainable Brand Index 2020 and 2021. Apotea’s goal is to reduce the climate footprint throughout the entire chain from production to the end consumer. On the roof of their logistics center, you will find one of Sweden’s largest solar cell facilities, that supplies the entire AutoStore system.

“Our goal is to become Sweden’s most sustainable company, and that is both a bombastic and an ambitious goal.” Pär Svärdson continues “It is important for humanity, and for our environment, but also to be competitive because I believe that the customers of the future will demand a different approach to sustainability from companies than they do today.”

How Apotea’s automation works 

AutoStore is a modular and scalable robotic solution for storing products efficiently. Compared to a manual warehouse, picking performance is ten times higher with AutoStore. The system consists of a grid, where robots pick and deliver goods on the smartest available routes. The robots work around the clock and recharge when needed. At Apotea’s ports, the picked goods are delivered to both human operators and three piece-picking robots, the eOperator.

“Apotea has made a fantastic growth journey in Swedish e-commerce and by connecting an AutoStore system with Element Logic’s smart piece-picking solution, eOperator, and other automation, we can help them continue to offer their customers both fast and accurate deliveries as well as improved order capacity and goods handling.” says Anders Bohlin, Sales Director at Element Logic Sweden 

Facts about Element Logic’s installation: 

  • 20,000 bins (with space for a total of 25,000)
  • 30 AutoStore robots (R5)
  • 4 carousel ports
  • 3 piece-picking robots (eOperator)
  • 800 order lines per hour (calculated capacity)
  • 24/7 operations
  • Capacity went from 50,000 orders to 100,000 orders after installation

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