Over seven months have passed since becoming a part of Element Logic, which has been exhilarating and busy!

2022 brought a record volume of bookings, revenue, and backlog (since 1977!) Our goal for 2023 is to improve by 10% 2023, and strengthen EBITA by 50%

As we continue integrating with Element Logic, we will continue to overcome any challenges we face. The Element Logic approach is standardized and repeatable solutions.

I’m proud to announce that we have secured an AutoStore solution with Jerry Leigh, a long-standing customer in Orlando. Most of their products are shipped to Disney or other retailers selling Disney merchandise.

On March 2nd and 3rd, we will host SELF23 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. While SELF has been canceled the past two years due to COVID, we’re excited to resume with this wonderful event! Next year’s speakers will range from a variety of organizations, including: JCPenney, lululemon, Auburn University, and SLB Performance to name a few.

As part of our efforts to modernize and make our internal process more efficient, we closed our manufacturing shop in Pacoima, CA. We worked tirelessly to relocate and reposition all of our shop employees, some of whom had been with us for over 35 years! We are incredibly grateful for all the years of hard work they dedicated to the success of SDI.

Thank you all for making this a memorable year! As we wrap up with 2022, I’d like to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a 2023 filled with prosperity!


Krish Nathan – CEO


SDI Element Logic presents ASRS solution

AutoStore warehouse

AutoStore is often referred to as a Goods to Person solution or an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) unit that’s as dense as they come! Inventory in the Distribution Center is stored in bins — which stack one on top of another creating columns—and ran by robots.These robots are small carts with wheels that glide across the top of the aluminum grid and have an elevator-type mechanism that digs out the necessary bins.

The robots take the bins needed to create the orders and bring them to a port. The person at the port is presented with one bin at a time and told which item(s) to take out to complete the order. Learn more here

AutoStore robot

JERRY LEIGH selects SDI Element Logic to implement AutoStore

Jerry Leigh corporate logo

SDI Element Logic, a leading provider of materials handling systems and technology solutions to the retail, wholesale, fulfillment, and E-commerce industries, is happy to announce its new AutoStore project with long-time partner Jerry Leigh— one of the Walt Disney Company’s largest wholesale apparel manufacturers — at their Orlando, Fl, Distribution Center­.

Jerry Leigh will be equipping their Distribution Center with some of the latest technology to keep up with growth projections and boost productivity.

“We believe this technology will help us maintain growth and increase efficiency in the coming years,”

said Andrew Leigh, President of Jerry Leigh.

“We are excited about entering the future through long-term investment”. “Jerry Leigh has had a long-term relationship with SDI Element Logic dating back to the early 90s”.
Leigh added.

Andrew Leigh,
President of Jerry Leigh

“We are incredibly excited to have this installment of AutoStore!” ” “We’ve always prided ourselves in bringing Jerry Leigh the most innovative technologies”

Krish Nathan,
SDI Element Logic´s CEO of The Américas

Jerry Leigh corporate office and AutoStore robot

This implementation of AutoStore is, among other things, a testament of the relationship Jerry Leigh and SDI Element Logic have had. Read more about the project here

SDI Element Logic presents SELF23

After taking two years off due to uncertainties presented by COVID19, SELF will be back again next year!

SELF23 will take place on March 2nd and 3rd in Las Vegas, NV. SDI Element Logic has hosted this Executive Logistics Forum for over 12 years and is looking forward to another successful event.

At this Forum, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the latest logistics news, trends, and forecasts. We will have many networking opportunities for people to directly connect with other leaders in the industry.

We hope you can join us and make this another successful event!