Designed to sort cartons, maintaining the product orientation. Easy maintenance, inexpensive medium-rate sorting solution.


Belt-powered pop-up wheel sortation conveyor that can reach up to 100 cartons per minute.


Sorter speed: up to 650 FPM / 100 CPM.

Conveyor Width: Standard: 34” Between Frames

Shipping Carton Sorter
Cartons assembled for outbound shipment are routed to the shipping sorter.
The shipping sorter serves two main purposes:
Automatically diverts cartons to a specific destination & diverts cartons to shipping doors.
Pop-up Wheel Sorter
A belt-powered sortation conveyor using modular pop-up wheel type diverter assemblies to affect the sorting of the product.
Pop-up pneumatically to steer cartons onto the outbound live roller junctions at either 30 or 45 degrees.
Take-away conveyors are either powered or use gravity.
Narrow Belt Sorter
Narrow belt sorters is a sorter for medium-sized items.
Medium to high throughput capability (up to 120 cases per minute).
90 or 30 degree divert capability.
Sliding Shoe Sorter
High speed sortation (rates in excess of 200 cartons per minute) / Capacity (weight): 50lbs/ft
Conveyor Width: Standard: 60”BF / Sorter speed: up to 650ft/min / Bi-direction sorting capabilities
Ability to sort a wide variety of load mixes, varying in size, weight and type (cartons, totes, bags, etc.)
Available with pneumatic or electric control mechanisms