Logistics Summit & Expo in Mexico

SDI GROUP will be attending April 17th and 18th in Mexico City.

Jaime Michel
CEO | Managing Director
52 (33) 3124 5144

Encumex is a publishing company that for more than ten years working in the segment of technical publications aimed at specific industries. The newspaper business was born in 1994 under the slogan “Focus, a working tool” bore fruit to reach Latin American magazines have in your hands: Emphasis Logistics Mexico – Central America, South America Logistics Focus, Focus Focus Latin America and Food Packaging Latin America.

Governed by a strict editorial policy prevails where the technical content, relevance publications salient issues of each of the business areas in which it occurs, providing the modern executive the information you need to develop and upgrade in the middle of job.

Encumex is convinced she can help doing what he does best: make and make better products and services, from and to Latin America, making every day the term “working tool” a reality.