FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – LOS ANGELES, January 6, 2021, — SDI, a leading provider of materials handling systems and technology solutions to the retail, wholesale, fulfillment, and E-commerce industries, is collaborating with long-time partner Levi Strauss & Co., to implement an Enzo pilot program at their Distribution Center in Canton, Mississippi during Q1 of 2021.

Enzo, a flexible and scalable Goods-To-Person solution that optimizes storage density and improves productivity, uses SDI’s DCMS software to manage inventory and optimize pod movement.

“We’ve been exploring different automation options and designs for a number of years now, but none of the solutions have made operational or financial sense,” Victoriano Molina, Director of Strategic Projects, said. “A lot of the robotic tech out there today is not well-suited for non-polybagged apparel, so once we explored this option it made a lot of sense.

Enzo can pick discrete orders automatically or create batches of work for an automated downstream pick process, it has been configured AT SDI’s lab and had great results.

“We evaluated many robotic solutions in our search for an appropriate partner and technology solution,” Krish Nathan, CEO, said. “Enzo meets the requirements because the intelligence software is developed by SDI in the USA, so we can support our customers more efficiently.”

The next step was to partner with a client who would put it to the test in the real world.

“A Goods-To-Person solution does two things: it improves productivity and accuracy, and it improves workplace ergonomics,” Molina added.

Enzo robots will be moving pods around and will bring them to the pickers accordingly.

“We are currently under a pick and pack system, so the employees spend more time walking than they spend picking and packing,” Mark Grovich, Director of Operations, said. “We have several employees that don’t want to do the work because of all the walking they have to do. It will be good for employee morale.”

Part of employee morale includes reducing injuries in the DC, which can prove a challenge for retailers.

“Health and safety of our employees is priority,” Brandy Grovich, Health and Safety Manager said. “Enzo is bringing the product to the employee, which makes it easier for picking because they’re not bending and stooping as much, they’re just standing there pivoting.”

“When employees see that the Company is investing money in the facility it goes a long way, especially when it is to benefit their health and safety,” Brandy Grovich, added.

All these are points that contribute to achieving Levi’s vision of future state of operations.

“Beginning to scale more automated solutions, and specifically robotics capabilities, puts us squarely on the path to building the network of the future,” John Prendergast, VP of Levi Strauss Americas Distribution and Logistics, said. “Levi’s Strauss & Co has a digital transformation underway which touches our entire value chain, we see our investment in Enzo as a steppingstone in elevating our entire Distribution Center network, and ultimately translating to an elevated consumer experience.”

Both partners are looking forward to experimenting, learning, and seeing the results of this collaboration.

“Knowing that we can go into this kind of partnership with this trust is a testament to the kind of partnership we have,” Molina said.

“Levi’s has been a great partner for many years, and we really appreciate their willingness to be part of the growth of this product line, and we’re excited to be working alongside them in this project,” Nathan added.

If you need any more information, please e-mail: enzo@SDI.SYSTEMS


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