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Tech sheet num-05SORTRAK G4 is the product of an extensive research and development effort by SDI. Our objective was to produce an economical solution for unit level sortation offering the flexibility of traditional cross belt and tilt tray technologies. SORTRAK G4 enables elevation changes to all levels of the Distribution Center, saving money and using all the space available.

SORTRAK G4 provides up to 18,720 trays per hour past a single point and can make left and right turns. Such layout configurations are made possible by the patent-pending chainless design. The drive mechanism is mounted at multiple points throughout the system, which enable almost any configuration imaginable.

• Apparel/garments
• Books
• Parcels/packages
• DVDs/videos

• PC-based controls package
• Drive redundancy
• Standard Software Package
• 18,720 trays per hour
• Ability to incline and decline
• Electro-pneumatic tray actuation
• Detection of large items
• No long chain or belts are required
• Noise level below 75 DB which enable almost any configuration imaginable.

Tech sheet bans-04BENEFITS
• Automatically sort products with bar codes and ones that are individually-packaged
• Automatically sort non bar-coded products
• Dramatically reduce labor cost associated with manual sortation
• Wide variety of machine configurations are available due to the elimination of the chain drive
• Machine can be used in multilevel applications–improving space utilization
• Low energy consumption reduces operating costs
• Conforms to European noise regulation standards
• Economic Design results in fast ROI

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