JOEY Pouch Sorter is an ultra-flexible system that makes use of powered systems and gravity to transport, sort, accumulate, and buffer items in the DC. This unique solution uses pouches to handle an infinite variety of individual items. The solution generally incorporates loading stations, intermediate storage buffer, and a feed to packing stations.

Joey Pouch Sorter

Other Pouch Sorters

Typical 9-month lead time Typical 18-month lead time
Weight up to 22lbs Weight up to 12lbs
Software & support in English (U.S.-based) Software & support may not be in English (European-based)
Ships within the U.S. Ships from Europe
Lower cost Higher cost

The pouches can be delivered to a packer at an order level or in an exact sequence. JOEY Pouch Sorter is the ultimate goods-to-man solution because the operator only needs to remove the items from the pouches and pack them, which could alternatively be integrated with automatic packing machines.

The versatility of the design allows for the system to be designed above or around existing processing areas. This maximizes the existing footprint, instead of expanding or moving to a new facility, offering an opportunity for dramatic cost savings.
SDI’s collaborative approach provides the opportunity to cater the solution to each specific client’s needs and restrictions

SORTABLE ITEMS (Any item measuring up to 17.4’’ X 29’’ X 9’’)
• Items weighing up to 22lbs
• Shoes
• Accessories
• Apparel/ garments
• Parcels/ packages, etc.

• E-Commerce-friendly
• Can accumulate, sort and buffer
• PC-based controls package
• Manual or automatic loading
• Standard Software Package
• 10,500 articles per hour
• Ability to climb and descend at 90º

• 100% accuracy achievable
• Pouches can be sorted and resorted using sophisticated software algorithms
• Automatically sort individually-packaged products and products with bar codes
• Automatically sort products without bar codes
• Dramatically reduce labor costs associated with manual sortation & order assembly
• Machine can be used in multilevel applications—vastly improving space utilization
• Low energy consumption reduces operating costs
• Economic Design results in fast ROI