SDI Industries launches Banner with AAFA

SDI Industries has been servicing the Apparel and Footwear marketplace for over 30 years. SDI Industries has been a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association ( AAFA ) for over 5 years. SDI is an active participant in events across the USA and is a member of the Supply Chain Leadership Committee. In recognition of the AAFA’s commitment to Apparel and Footwear manufacture, SDI has accepted an invitation to sponsor the AAFA’s monthly Newsletter. The Newsletter is emailed to over 4000 recipients from the apparel and footwear industry. SDI is an Engineering, Consulting and Design company based in Los Angeles. SDI specializes in offering services to Footwear and Apparel Manufacturers throughout the world. The services that SDI provides result in cost saving, increased accuracy and reduced space within the Distribution Center.