SDI and RTI Unification

SDI and RTI are proud to announce continued progress in unifying our companies.

While SDI Industries, Inc. (SDI) and Real Time Integration, Inc. (RTI) have always functioned as one team, sharing common ownership, RTI formally became a wholly owned subsidiary of SDI less than one year ago.

At that time we began efforts to update our reporting systems and present ourselves as one Company. Customers and Suppliers may have noticed Invoices and Purchase Orders issued over the last year having the SDI logo on them. As we take the next steps in our process you may notice some further changes, including the transition of RTI now being referred to as the Automation Division of SDI.

Bringing the companies together under one umbrella strengthens our identity as a leading integrator of material handling systems and provides our customers and suppliers a more uniform identity of who we are and what we do. SDI is committed to providing our customers with a complete solution for their integration needs and we fully expect this bonding of SDI and RTI will further enhance their experience.

Mary Adams