Robot Piece Picking and RaaS in the Supply Chain Industry



Robert Humphry, PE

VP of Business Development & Sales

Robert Humphry, P.E., is the Vice President of Business Development and Sales for Element Logic in the Americas. A seasoned expert in industrial automation and supply chain execution software solutions. An alumnus of the University of Missouri with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a licensed Professional Engineer in Indiana.

Stephen Sparks

Account Executive

Stephen Sparks is a lead Account Executive for Element Logic in the Americas. With an extensive background in industrial automation & supply chain management, he is committed to delivering value to his clients by offering innovative solutions that address challenges in distribution centers and warehouses. Holding a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from The Ohio State University, Stephen has built a rich career across various roles, including engineering management, consulting, and sales.

September 28

at 10am PST / 1pm EST

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In an increasingly dynamic and competitive supply chain industry, the quest for greater efficiency and productivity leads to the adoption and adaptation of technology. Among these innovations, Robot Piece Picking and Robotics as a Service (RaaS) stand out to fundamentally change the way goods are handled and delivered.

Please join us for a webinar that dives into the transformative potential of Robot Piece Picking and RaaS in the supply chain ecosystem. Robert Humphry, and Stephen Sparks will explore the capabilities and benefits of these robotic systems and their ability to tackle complex challenges in the supply chain industry. In addition to viewing these systems, you will also hear the success stories from businesses that took the leap into the next generation of warehousing technology.