SDI’s Put to Wall (PTW) software and Light application is designed for optimizing order processing for Omni-Channel distribution fulfillment centers. The PTW application is a highly productive, easy-to-use system that directs operators in the most efficiently accurate process available.

Applications for the PTW include:
• Order fulfillment
• E-commerce order fulfillment
• Secondary batch sortation
• Order consolidation
• Kitting

The PTW provides:
• Ease of use – operators are quickly trained
• Best-of-its-kind operational functionality
• Scalability – easily expandable lights and modules
• Configurable bin sizes
• Dashboards and screens to monitor processes
• Productivity and reporting

The SDI PTW application:
• Defines allocations by put zones
• Optimizes batch picking for efficiency
• Enhances high speed hands-free sortation of product to orders
• Illuminates displays on the Put side of the rack indicating where to place product
• Illuminates displays on the Pack side of the rack once the order is complete, indicating that the order is ready to be packed