N O M I N A T E   S T A R   E M P L O Y E E S
I N   Y O U R   D C / F C !

Nominate star employees in your DC! 

Distribution Centers were hit particularly hard the past two years. With constant readjustments and last-minute changes, many workers went above and beyond their typical duties. 

Many of these Superstars lifted colleagues’ spirits, lent a guiding hand, made sure orders got out on time, or just provided the right words when needed most. 

We admire people who have the right attitude and come through when you need it most. And while we are not familiar with your stories (yet), we would love to hear about these unsung heroes! 

To show our support and appreciation for these Superstars that make a difference to you and to the rest of us, we are launching the “Picking Superstars” contest. 

Nominate your DC Superstar between April 11th and July 1st of 2022. We will read your stories and select the 10 best Superstars. Ten will receive $500 gift cards, and one Superstar will be our main prize winner of $5,000 for themselves and a free lunch for their team! 

Please use the nomination form to tell us why your Superstar should be granted one of the prizes. 

* T H I S   C O N T E S T   I S   V O I D   W H E R E   P R O H I B I T E D.