Pack to Light System

Designed to deliver a high performance, paperless order picking solution and can be configured for any high density, high activity order fulfillment operation in your distribution center.

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SDI’s Pack to Light (Put To Light) solution has become the clear choice of companies distributing merchandise to retail stores. When used for flow through processing, Pack to Light also provides a Cross Docking option for full case distributions. In a typical Pack to Light operation, each outbound store location contains a Light Display Module comprised of a digital display, to indicate the number of units to be packed or put, and push buttons for confirmations and exception handling. As cases of merchandise are introduced into the pack aisles, an operator scans the inbound case and the Light Display Modules illuminate with the required quantity at the corresponding store locations. The printed distribution ticket is the root cause of low productivity and inaccuracies associated with manual systems. By replacing paper with Light Display Modules, Pack to Light eliminates all of the costs and low productivity associated with printing, sorting, distribution, marking and manual exception handling, thus dramatically improving productivity and accuracy for a rapid return on investment. Additional features and benefits of Pack to Light include:

  • Controls distribution release and progression or supports true fluid processing
  • Optimizes inventory control – immediate invoicing and automatic calls for replenishment
  • Accurate outbound carton content reporting
  • Distribution activity monitoring
  • Real-time exception handling, order tracking, verification and status updates
  • Real-time Productivity Management and Reporting
  • Bi-directional communications with WMS and/or ERP systems
  • Built-in order checking, status confirmation, maintenance and diagnostics
  • Load Balancing – ability to map operators to a zone based on current workload and individual productivity and accuracy data
  • Accommodates multiple operators in a zone without compromising individual operator productivity and accuracy tracking