SDI Element Logic in MMH’s Top 20 Material Handling Systems Suppliers

MMH Top 20 Suppliers


SDI Element Logic is incredibly proud to be among the top 20!

For the first time ever, SDI Element Logic is happy to announce that we are part of the Top 20 System Suppliers!

This year has proven to be another successful for warehouse automation makers and materials handling systems! It was suspected that there would be a significant fall-off as the industry had begun to cool from the pandemic, but that is not the case!

In the second half of 2022 we started to see major e-commerce companies curtail their overall spending on fulfillment center expansion, shaking the automation supplier’s industry. In addition to this, the market began to see a rise in inflation, an increase in capital costs, and had a significant impact from global events.

While these issues put a damper on the predicted boom, the automation industry is still growing in volume as customer expectations continue to move toward demands that only automated fulfillment centers can provide. Warehouse automation suppliers will continue to show an upward trajectory for annual growth in 2023!

SDI Element Logic’s inclusion in this year’s “Top 20 System Supplier List” from MMH, further solidifies the strength of the Company and our global momentum. We are hopeful and optimistic about the future of our work, and will continue to innovate, push the industry forward, and pave the way for new developments and improvements to provide the best possible solutions.

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