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It’s springtime in the Northern hemisphere, and with it come new beginnings! This year, a new alliance was born: Element Logic acquired SDI. This partnership will tap into a wealth of experience, as well as the best products in the European and the U.S. market– making them available to our clients across the globe. Find out more in this Newsletter!

Additionally, we’d like to remind people that our “Picking Superstars” contest has begun! So, nominate your favorite star in your Distribution Center for a

chance to win US$5,000! This is for people to get a chance to say “thank you” to that person that went the extra mile regardless of whether or not you’re our client. So please don’t forget to pass it along to everyone!


Krish Nathan – CEO

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What has your support and maintenance experience been over the past few years?

It has been really good. We’ve worked together in these areas, which generated a team who’s looking to maximize the reliability and availability of the systems.

How does the operation benefit from having a support and maintenance agreement?

It benefits from having the certainty that we can always count on technical support on the field at a moment’s notice; from having a maintenance plan that guarantees the operational continuity from the systems; from having remote support within the process; and an excellent coordination within activities. At the end, we’re left with 98% systems reliability and availability.

What has SDI provided in order to make sure you have operational continuity?

Supporting us with technical know-how has been fundamental in improving our process and productivity. SDI has proven to be a strategic partner over the past few years.

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E L E M E N T   L O G I C

E X P A N D S   I T S   O P E R AT I O N S



MARCH 2022 — Element Logic, a specialized integrator for automated warehouse solutions centered around the AutoStore® system, is pleased to announce the acquisition of SDI Industries, a US provider of leading turnkey automation solutions and sortation systems.

SDI Industries was founded in 1977 and has over 40 years of experience in systems integration and automated solutions. The company has 8 locations across the USA and five Latin American countries.

Element Logic Arm-CROP

Element Logic employs more than 275 specialists across Europe who design, implement, deliver and service tailor made robotic solutions in warehouses of all sizes in a wide range of industries across Europe. Through the acquisition of SDI Industries, Element Logic expands its footprint into North and South America and adds more than 200 experts. SDI Industries will leverage Element Logic’s expertise as a leading AutoStore® integrator in Europe to expand its service offering and become an AutoStore® integrator in the US.

I look forward to having SDI Industries on board. This acquisition is an important milestone of our strategy of becoming the leading integrator for automated warehouse solutions globally. With SDI we see an incredible opportunity to enter the highly attractive American market together with a partner that accelerates our growth strategy,” says Dag-Adler Blakseth, co-founder and CEO of Element Logic.

Through partnering with SDI Industries, Element Logic expands its product offering to sortation equipment solutions and gains the ability to roll-out its AutoStore® integration services across the US market.

We are thrilled to be part of the Element Logic group and having a partner with a shared vision and similar culture as well as years of expertise. We look forward to growing together with Element Logic and the opportunities the partnership will bring,” says Krish Nathan, CEO of SDI Industries.

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T H E   I N C R E A S E

I N   T H E   E – C O M M   S A L E S




In the past few months, E-Commerce across the world has experienced unrivaled opportunities. With people buying online more than ever, E-Commerce has gone from an alternative to the only possibility for many companies. We currently live in a world where challenges are intrinsically related to intralogistics and supply chain.

There are multiple technologies available that can optimize, automate, and/or “robotize” the intralogistics process, and while many of these technologies are good, not all are good for every operation. This is why it’s of utmost importance to analyze the characteristics of the operation; the type of industry; the processes and tasks that create bottlenecks; the products handled; the volume; and growth projections before implementing new technology. Matching the perfect technology to each client’s needs, is the best strategy to get the best ROI.

When an automation project is implemented, you should consider the following factors: adaptability, scalability, new technology investments, long-term partnership with technology provider, and the hiring of a more specialized team to oversee the automated processes.


Herica Cataldo
Sr. Project Manager

M O D E X   2 0 2 2

S D I   A T T E N D S   M O D E X


SDI attended MODEX 2022 last March in Atlanta, GA. MODEX is one of the of supply chain’s most prominent tradeshows, which created the perfect opportunity for SDI to showcase a variety of Materials Handling solutions, including our latest product AutoStore®.

At SDI’s booth, people learned about our services and case studies across the globe through our design, integration, and implementation of world-class Distribution Centers.


P I C K I N G   S U P E R S T A R S   2 0 2 2

Nominate STAR employees in your DC/FC!

Distribution Centers were hit particularly hard the past two years. With constant readjustments and last-minute changes, many workers went above and beyond their typical duties. 

Many of these Superstars lifted colleagues’ spirits, lent a guiding hand, made sure orders got out on time, or just provided the right words when needed most. 

We admire people who have the right attitude and come through when you need it most. And while we are not familiar with your stories (yet), we would love to hear about these unsung heroes! 

To show our support and appreciation for these Superstars that make a difference to you and to the rest of us, we are launching:

Picking Superstars

Nominate your DC Superstar between April 11th and July 1st of 2022. We will read your stories and select the 10 best Superstars. Ten will receive $500 gift cards, and one Superstar will be our main prize winner of $5,000 for themselves and a free lunch for their team! 

Please use the nomination form to tell us why your Superstar should be granted one of the prizes. 


F O L L O W   U S    O N    S O C I A L    M E D I A