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The Mark IV Tilt Tray Sorter is designed to handle fragile or large products at rates of up to 6,000 units per hour.
The design has similar characteristics to the highly successful SDI Bombay style unit sorter, but can sort products that are more difficult to sort on the Bombay sorter. Its applications cast a wide net over diverse needs.
The trays can be plastic, aluminum or steel depending on the application.
The tray holds a product captive on three sides, with each tray slightly angled while moving to the appropriate destination, these attributes prevent products from falling out of the trays.
The Mark IV is particularly good for handling shoes
and fragile items.

• Fashion accessories
• Footwear
• Full cases, general merchandise
• Books, mailers, (small packages/ envelopes)
• China glass

• Standard software package
• PC-based controls package
• Distributed IO modules
• Single-sided
• 6,000 trays per hour
• Max product weight is 18 lbs.
• Tray actuation is pneumatic or electrical
• Detailed reporting
• Noise level below 75 DB

Tech sheet bans-04BENEFITS
• 100% accuracy achievable
• Pouches can be sorted and resorted using sophisticated software algorithms
• Automatically sort individually-packaged products and products with bar codes
• Automatically sort products without bar codes
• Dramatically reduce labor costs associated with manual sortation & order assembly
• Machine can be used in multilevel applications—vastly improving space utilization
• Low energy consumption reduces operating costs
• Economic Design results in fast ROI


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