SDI has partnered with Kindred to integrate its materials handling systems and technology with Kindred’s artificial intelligence (AI) pick and place robotic solutions. The partnership will help customers meet increasing retail fulfillment demands throughout the entire year, including peak seasons.

Kindred uses cutting-edge AI research and human-in-the-loop data methodology to continuously improve robot capabilities so that picking becomes smarter, faster and more accurate over time. Kindred SORT robots have picked more than 100 million units in production to date.

Workflow Integration Description
Induction Induction is designed and optimized during deployment. Options for induction integration include conveyor, sorter system, chute and others.
Packout Support for both separate and connected pack out stations. The pack out process is designed and optimized during deployment.
Optional Components Depending on the configuration, but- ton boards, barcode scanners, and other peripherals are used in the coordination of induction and pack out activities.
Software Integrates with industry leading WMS/WES systems through configurable, event-driven interfaces.