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Tech sheet num-08SDI offers a modular approach to all aspects of the Distribution Center. We have created a software application, Distribution Center Management Systems (DCMS), which incorporates all parts of DC operations, from the most basic to the most complex waving and management solutions. The entire Suite is Windows-based and driven by Microsoft SQL Server. The Suite continues to evolve and develop based on custom-driven requirements and the application of world-class technology.

The solution is scalable, easily-supported and the tools allow the DC manager to get the performance from the hardware and software solutions provided. Our expert team of engineers will integrate the solution to specific business requirements.

• Developed with compact framework version 3.5
• Cloud of local area network platform
• Compatible with Windows CE or Windows mobile (version 5 or later)
• Works with any handheld device (Motorola, Intermec, etc.)
• Secured wireless communication
• Configurable authorization levels
• Simple, intuitive, easy to navigate user interface
• Modeled to integrate with any ERP or process control system

Tech sheet bans-04FUNCTIONALITY
• Receiving
• Material Handling
• Putaway
• Cycle Counting
• Picklane Replenishment
• Order Waving/Batching
• Pallet/Cart/Piece
• FedEx &UPS Shipping
• Scan Packing
• Loading & Shipping
• Order Fulfillment Dashboard

SDI is an innovative provider of systems and solutions to the retail, wholesale, fulfillment and e-commerce industries for all aspects of distribution center material handling.

As both consultants and systems integrators, the company provides clients with a total logistics solution package which includes material handling consulting, as well as design, engineering, fabrication, installation and integration services.

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