Cross-belt high-speed loop sorters features high layout flexibility with reduced installation and commissioning time.
High-speed sortation of fragile and high-friction items with low-maintenance, low-noise.
Multi- or single-cell cross-belt sorters are designed to transport and sort items that present difficulties during traditional sortation, such as fragile or high-friction items, as well as to accommodate a wide mix of package types and shapes. Cross-belt sorters are used for sorting large- and medium-sized items including apparel, parcels, letters, flats, and totes, and compact cross-belt sorters perfect for sorting smaller items such as magazines, books, CDs and DVDs. The sorter with multi cells has the ability to transport and sort two items per carrier.

High-speed linear synchronous motors eliminate contact between moving parts, leading to low wear and tear and low noise levels.


  • High capacity sortation of fragile and high-friction items
  • Improved product life cycle cost
  • Modular platform for flexible layout and optimized conditions for integration
  • Precise positioning and orientation throughout the entire sortation process
  • Easy auto induction