The Cross Belt Sorter features high efficiency, low energy consumption, high speed, and low error rate at a competitive price. This sleek and efficient product can sort up to 25,000 UPH and can be used for a wide range of items such as: apparel, parcel, accessories, etc.


To achieve high efficiency and accuracy, the infeed system automatically scans the measurements and identification information to make sure items are inducted in a timely manner onto the Cross Belt. The narrow belt infeed system can be customized to be fully automatic, semi-automatic or manual.

The outfeed system temporarily stores the items delivered by the sorter, while simultaneously capturing and displaying the related identification information of items and transmitting it to the controls system. Different types of outfeeds are available to match the diverse range of items handled. Items can be directly sorted to outfeeds such as chutes, bag racks, roll cages etc.


• Linear motor
• In-motion product alignment
• Accurate infeeding of packages with different weight ranges
• Belt starts in a millisecond (for speed and accuracy)

• Simple body, installation and maintenance
• Light aluminum
• Noise level below 65dB




Handling Item Types Express, package, carton & totes, clothes Excluding fragile items
Loading Unit Specifications 440mm x 700mm; pitch 600mm (17.3 in x 27.6 in; pitch 23.6 in)
440mm * 770mm; pitch 600mm (17.3 in * 30.3 in; 23.6 in)
440mm * 800mm * 2mm; pitch 1200mm (17.3 in * 31.5 in * 0.1 in)
One vehicle, one belt
One vehicle,one belt/ two layers
One vehicle with two belts
Handling Item Dimension 800mm * 600mm * 350mm (31.5 in * 23.6 in * 13.8 in)
100mm *100mm * 50mm (4 in * 4 in * 2 in)
specifications format - L x W x H
Two belts occupied
Occupied one belt/ 600*400
Effective Unit Loading Capacity 0.1~30 kg (0.2~66 lbs) -
Infeeding Methods 3000p/h/unit Based on 400*400