These are strange times.

Times of uncertainty. Times that demand strength. Times that, above all, require cooperation.

In this complex intertwined fabric that is the world in which we live, we are faced with one common enemy: COVID-19.

In the battle against this virus, most people around the world have been forced to change their daily routines, affecting them in more ways than one.

As we know, it is through adversity that we grow. It is trying times that show us our vulnerabilities and push us to seek new solutions.

It is an opportunity to do better. To be better.

As I read the news, I am humbled at the amount of people and companies taking on the challenges and doing what they can do to help. Companies like Hanes and GAP, who are using their factory resources to make masks or protective equipment for health care workers; companies like Crocs who are sending free pairs of shoes to health care workers; car companies like GM, Ford and Tesla offering to use their plants to build ventilators; or even the French luxury firm Louis Vuitton using their perfume production lines to make hand sanitizer!

Like these, there are MANY others.

As we continue moving forward in these times of uncertainty, SDI will continue prioritizing people’s health and well-being. We are doing everything possible to create the safest working environment, which will keep our community safer.

At whichever scale possible, I hope we continue being better to each other in order to make our communities stronger for the years to come.

Stay safe. Stay strong.


Krish Nathan – CEO