Cross Dock Fuels Growth At Dots

Watch a video of the Cross Dock system.

Since the late 1980s, Dots has been distributing merchandise to its stores from a manual, more conventional facility, three miles from its current location. Although this older facility afforded the retailer many functional years, by 2005, much of the equipment was nearing the end of its life, putting limitations on operational growth and efficiency. So in March 2006, Lisa Akey began the process of selecting a consulting firm that could help Dots design a new distribution system.

After three months of extensive interviews, site visits, and reference checks, Dots decided to partner with California-based SDI Industries, a systems integrator and solutions provider that had extensive experience in the fashion retail industry.

In May 2007, after a lengthy study of the present building and available alternative sites, Dots made the decision to build a completely new office and distribution center in Glenwillow. In February 2008, groundbreaking took place and SDI was selected to install and implement the entire distribution system.

In January 2009, SDI completed the installation of the equipment and immediately started hands-on training. “Because the unit sorters were perhaps the biggest change from the old system, we arranged for Dots to send their people to our other client’s sites to literally work on their unit sorters,” says Steve Haskell, SDI’s vice president and lead implementation manager. From January to April, SDI’s software team was also onsite to train Dots personnel and offer systems support.

Read entire article from Logistics Management Magazine (February 2011 edition)

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MEND Christmas Drive

MEND is a local charity that helps struggling families with food and necessities throughout the year. This year, SDI employees contributed hundreds of toys, through MEND, to be given as gifts to children in the neighborhood and their donations were greatly appreciated. You can help too and give to MEND and help this wonderful charitable organization at

In the early 1970’s, MEND (Meet Each Need with Dignity) opened its doors in an effort to transform the lives of the neediest residents of the San Fernando Valley – poor children and their struggling families. Starting as a small group of volunteers working from a garage, MEND has grown primarily by word-of-mouth into one of the leanest operating non-profit organizations in existence. More than 91% of the support and donations received by MEND, now the largest poverty agency in the Valley, provides emergency food, clothing, medical, vision and dental care, job skills training and job placement assistance, English as a Second Language classes, youth activities, and a Christmas program. In 2009, we served as many as 31,000 individuals per month. MEND is 3700 volunteers from all walks of life, under the guidance of a small, dedicated staff, providing all the basic human needs vital to day-to-day survival, plus the education, training, opportunities and support essential to transitioning out of poverty.

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SDI Partnership with Global Companies

SDI prepares a new DC design for Concha Y Toro. The winery, through its subsidiary Comercial Peumo, wished to meet the rapid growth in demand with a high standard in the level of service. Jose Horacio Campino, head of logistics, says “the current DC is conducting approximately 50% of the load flow in the country with over 500 SKU’s, so that the level of complexity in work of the center is not a minor issue.” Regardless of the handling unit, which can be pallet, box, or bottle, the defined trade policy is that each order is released to the applicant within 24 hours, independent of the distribution channel. They aim to be the best distribution center for liquids in South America.

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New Employee Showcase

Fabio Arciniegas joined SDI Industries on August 31,2010 as Industrial Design Engineer. Fabio brings an extensive material handling systems background to the position. Fabio was most recently employed by Fortna Inc. as Design and Application Engineer where he was responsible for concept layout systems, design, approval, and installation layouts for automated conveyors systems. He also provided estimating pricing for material handling systems implemented in the United States. Fabio holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical and Design Engineering from the National University of Colombia, South America.



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2010 SDI Picnic

SDI Industries held their first annual picnic in Brookside Park at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Employees, family and friends enjoyed fun under the sun playing games and eating cotton candy. There were pony rides, water balloons, hamburgers, hot dogs, hula hoops, ice cream, volleyball and a fabulous time was had by all. Kids had a great time in the races, games and pony rides and there was lots of great food and desserts for everybody.

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SDI’s 2010 Forum A Resounding Success!

SDI has just completed its 5th annual Logistics and Supply Chain forum. Over 100 attendees heard from industry peers including Hot Topic, Byer Los Angeles, Redbox, Stage Stores, Warnaco, SAP. The event was a 2-day affair including a 1/2 day interactive round table event where attendees discussed topics including RFID, Labor Standards and Returns.

The feedback from this event was so overwhelming that many attendees have already pre-registered for next year and all felt that they came away having learned a great deal from the event.

More information and a full copy of proceedings are available. Simply email and ask for a Logistics Forum Event Binder which contains all presentations and attendees.

Special thanks to all those who spoke and helped plan and manage the event. Here’s looking to 2011’s Forum!

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SDI Industries launches Banner with AAFA

SDI Industries has been servicing the Apparel and Footwear marketplace for over 30 years. SDI Industries has been a member of the American Apparel and Footwear Association ( AAFA ) for over 5 years. SDI is an active participant in events across the USA and is a member of the Supply Chain Leadership Committee. In recognition of the AAFA’s commitment to Apparel and Footwear manufacture, SDI has accepted an invitation to sponsor the AAFA’s monthly Newsletter. The Newsletter is emailed to over 4000 recipients from the apparel and footwear industry. SDI is an Engineering, Consulting and Design company based in Los Angeles. SDI specializes in offering services to Footwear and Apparel Manufacturers throughout the world. The services that SDI provides result in cost saving, increased accuracy and reduced space within the Distribution Center.

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SDI and RTI Unification

SDI and RTI are proud to announce continued progress in unifying our companies.

While SDI Industries, Inc. (SDI) and Real Time Integration, Inc. (RTI) have always functioned as one team, sharing common ownership, RTI formally became a wholly owned subsidiary of SDI less than one year ago.

At that time we began efforts to update our reporting systems and present ourselves as one Company. Customers and Suppliers may have noticed Invoices and Purchase Orders issued over the last year having the SDI logo on them. As we take the next steps in our process you may notice some further changes, including the transition of RTI now being referred to as the Automation Division of SDI.

Bringing the companies together under one umbrella strengthens our identity as a leading integrator of material handling systems and provides our customers and suppliers a more uniform identity of who we are and what we do. SDI is committed to providing our customers with a complete solution for their integration needs and we fully expect this bonding of SDI and RTI will further enhance their experience.

Mary Adams

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SDI Launches New Accounting System

SDI Industries is excited to announce the launch of their new accounting system, Microsoft NAV. The new system will enhance the processing of transactions, enhance reporting and record keeping, and help with eliminating paper. The system has also been set up to be accessed remotely allowing users to run reports and other data at their fingertips anywhere, anytime. Along with the integration of Microsoft NAV, SDI has partnered with Sabrix to meet its sales and use tax needs. As the United States becomes more complicated regarding reporting requirements for sales and use tax, SDI opted to seek an expert solution to the quagmire of reporting and rates throughout the country. SDI has already successfully integrated the program in one of its divisions and is in full swing integrating it in the main headquarters.

Look for new SDI’s new formats in invoicing, purchase orders, and other reports coming soon.

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