Conveyor Systems

SDI integrates standard and customized software conveyor systems as part of an overall solution. SDI uses bulk purchasing power to source conveyors directly from OEM manufacturers at deeply discounted prices. Using SDI’s creativity coupled with in house services, savings are passed directly to the customer which results in a cost effective solution unrivaled by the OEM conveyor manufacturer.

Garment on Hanger

SDI’s hang sorter system is the standard in high speed unit distribution of hanging garments. Its design can be configured for installation in either multi-level or single level operations with equal effectiveness.

Carton And Box Sorter

A conveyor-based system which can be customized to fit and enhance your own specific operation. Systems vary from Pop up Wheel Sorters to High Speed Slat Sorters.

Sortation Systems

A product of an extensive Research and Development effort by SDI. Our objective was to produce an economical solution for Unit level Sortation that offers the flexibility of traditional cross belt and tilt tray technologies. SORTRAK enables elevation changes to all levels of the Distribution Center saving money and using all the space available! SORTRAK provides 14,400 trays available per hour past a single point and can make both left hand and right hand turns. Such layout configurations are made possible by the patent pending chainless design.

Mark IV Tilt Tray Sorter

The Mark IV Tilt Tray Sorter is designed to handle fragile or large product at rates of up to 6,000 units per hour. It has similar characteristics to the highly successful SDI Bombay Sorter but can sort products that are more difficult on the Bombay Sorter. The Mark IV has applications across a wide variety of industries.

Multi-Media Sorter

Designed for DVD and video games utilizing our high speed “ON EDGE” sorting system, fully automated induction, and production rates up to 18,000 sorted items per hour.

Mini-Tilt Tray Sorter

The High-Speed Mini-Tilt Tray Sorter was developed for distribution centers that had the singular need of sorting smaller goods. The Mini-Tilt sorter was the natural evolution of our larger tilt sorters and was designed and engineered to sort such small goods as jewelry, watches, CDs, DVDs, pharmaceuticals, books, mailers, etc.

Flat Sorter

This space-saving and versatile sortation system is specifically designed for fast, efficient sorting of small to medium, light-weight, items ranging from jewelry to garments and miscellaneous packaged goods.