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Tech sheet num-04The Bombay style unit sorter is designed to handle medium-sized product at rates of up to 7,200 units per hour.

The machine consists of a loop of trays connected to a chain. The product placed on the tray is dropped directly into a tote/carton.

The machine has been designed to provide six different sizes of Bombay tray that will meet the varying degrees of customer requirements.

The ability to drop product directly into a chute/tote or carton allows the machine to be installed in very confined spaces. Destinations can be as close together as 18”.

Each Bombay unit sorter has one drive unit that can power the entire loop.

• Fashion accessories
• Apparel and garments
• Games, CDs, DVDs, small boxes
• Books, mailers, (small packages/envelopes)

• PC-based controls package
• Standard software package
• Distributed IO modules
• Single-sided
• 7,200 trays per hour
• Max product weight is 15 lbs.
• Tray actuation is pneumatic or electrical
• Trays drop directly into containers
• Product is held captive
• Noise level below 75 DB

Tech sheet bans-04BENEFITS
• Automatically sort products with bar codes and ones that are individually-packaged
• Dramatically reduce manual labor costs associated with sortation
• Distributed IO allows simple troubleshooting
• Simple machine design results in easy maintenance
• Increased accuracy
• Decreased processing time
• Reduction in packaging time since product drops directly into shipping carton

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