When Does AutoStore Make Sense for Your Business?

When Does AutoStore Make Sense for Your Business?

Article by Cory Clifford

In the ever-changing landscape of logistics and supply chain, it is important to stay on top of the latest technologies. AutoStore is a robotic system that helps businesses save time and money through improving efficiency and productivity. But when does SDI Element Logic and AutoStore make sense for your business? Let’s take a look!

Storage Space Utilization

If you’re running out of space in your facility or need to maximize the amount of inventory stored in an area, AutoStore can decrease your current storage footprint by up to 75% versus traditional racking. With AutoStore’s stacked cube storage system, we can eliminate wasted space by stacking storage bins on top of each other within the AutoStore grid. AutoStore greatly reduces the “air” surrounding your inventory in traditional racking.

AutoStore's design allows for the storage of an entire warehouse (depicted in image a) to be stored at a fraction of the size (depicted in image b)

AutoStore’s stacked bin design results in the highest storage density goods-to-person system in the industry. This equates to less wasted space and more capacity for growth The grid-like pattern used by AutoStore allows for maximum efficiency without sacrificing space utilization. Since the system is modular, we are also able to design a system to fit nearly any shape or size of building, further increasing the flexibility of AutoStore.

Sales Growth & SKU Growth

Sales growth and SKU growth inevitably lead to an increase in volume and on-hand inventory. Two common challenges customers express when discussing growth plans are a lack of storage capacity to accommodate the inventory growth at their current facility and maintaining efficiency with higher volumes.

AutoStore’s storage density allows customers to expand and grow without leaving their current space, eliminating the need for costly moves to newer and larger facilities. The system is designed to be able to grow as your business needs change. AutoStore’s modularity allows us to add ports, robots, and grid expansions to your system without interrupting your current operations. What this means is as your business grows, we can easily increase the throughput capacity as needed to meet your requirements.

AutoStore is completely scalable depending on your business' individual needs.

Rising Labor Costs

As labor costs and shortages continue to effect organizations, it’s important to find ways to increase efficiency. AutoStore can help as it reduces the need for one of the most time-consuming processes in a warehouse, manual picking. AutoStore brings customer goods directly to an associate via robots on top of the storage grid. AutoStore’s goods to person technology eliminates searching for items in pick modules, travel time walking to a from storage locations, and reduces human touches leading to increased picking accuracy.

This results in fewer mistakes due to human error as well as increased speed in order processing times—meaning customers get their orders faster!

In Summary

A stacked cube displaying the storage capabilities of AutoStore. Robots sit on the top of the sub picking product.

AutoStore is an automated storage and retrieval system that helps businesses save time and money through improving efficiency, productivity, and space utilization. It offers a number of benefits such as a 75% reduction in require storage space, reduced labor costs, increased speed and accuracy in order fulfillment tasks, improved flexibility with increasing SKUs or product lines, etc… Ultimately, assessing when AutoStore makes sense for your business depends on what type of challenges you are facing within your warehouse operations.

If any of the above criteria apply to your business, then investing in an automated storage system such as AutoStore may be worth considering! To see if AutoStore makes sense for your organization please reach out to me directly at cory.clifford@sdi.systems, 818-429-4491, and visit our website at https://sdi.systems.