What is eManager Software

What is eManager Software

Article by Cory Clifford

As consumer spending continues to grow, warehouses are under increasing pressure to meet customer demands. Automated Storage Retrieval Systems (ASRS) provide a cost-effective and efficient way for warehouses to store, manage, and retrieve items quickly. With the help of robots and other automated technologies, ASRS can be used to reduce labor costs while improving the accuracy and speed of operations. Today we’re going to look at the brains behind SDI Element Logic’s AutoStore success, our eManager software.

What is eManager?

eManager is a purpose-built Warehouse Execution System (WES) and Warehouse Control System (WCS) solution designed specifically for AutoStore.

AutoStore robots sitting on top of AutoStore tracks.

As the original AutoStore partner, we have developed the perfect software for it by harnessing our decades of knowledge and strategic commitment. This expertise has resulted in software that significantly increases the accuracy, productivity, and processing of our customers’ operations. eManager facilitates the Warehouse Management System (WMS), optimizes the AutoStore system itself, as well as provides the user interface for interacting with the automation.

It is the portal to all the information you need to properly optimize your operations and manage growth in a controlled environment. Additionally, it acts as the interface with which your associates engage to complete tasks and serves as the software system behind delivering items to ports exactly when they’re needed.

A considerable strength of eManager is its ability to prioritize tasks efficiently. It automatically sets up a flexible and dynamic order queue based on your business rules for the handling of wave picking, batch picking, returns, high-frequency products, and more – all to fit your needs. Over the past 20 years, Element Logic has continued to optimize our software leading to the most scalable, affordable, and efficient AutoStore software systems on the market!

AutoStore – Built with Consumers in Mind

AutoStore robots in motion on railings.

AutoStore  is simple at its core, but managing and optimizing the magnitude of tasks being demanded of it can quickly complicate procedures. Because of this, the software portion of our solutions is often the most important component when it comes to providing an effective system. Being the most experienced AutoStore integrator in the world, we have optimized the software integration process and reduced the time and resources needed to integrate with host WMS systems.

Simply put, our software makes easy work of the best automated storage and retrieval unit on the market!

In Summary

Automated storage retrieval systems offer a cost-effective  solution for businesses looking for ways to streamline their warehouse operations while reducing overall costs associated with manual labor. eManager offers optimized order processing, quick and efficient integration, unmatched scalability and affordability, an intuitive user interface, and the expertise to ensure that the best possible solution is put into place. If you’re looking for ways to reduce cost and improve productivity in your current operations consider an AutoStore from SDI Element Logic!

To learn more about our capabilities or any other AutoStore topics you may reach out to me at cory.clifford@sdi.systems and visit our website at the link here or, for eManager-specific information, you can visit here.