5 Reasons to Use AutoStore

5 Reasons to Use AutoStore

Article by Josh Beckham

Two frequent questions when considering automation systems are:

1. Is it a match for my operation?

2. Will it provide positive and measurable results? 

The same questions are typically asked by anyone considering AutoStore.

Here are 5 reasons to Use AutoStore:

1. Density

 By utilizing a cube-based design consisting of stackable bins within a grid, AutoStore can typically provide up to four times the storage capacity of conventional storage systems within the same footprint. 

If your warehouse is suffering from a lack of space and you are considering expansion of your building, AutoStore may be a more cost-effective solution that can keep you in your existing space.

2. Modularity

The AutoStore  grid can adapt to your DC’s footprint and can accommodate an array of obstacles such as columns or staircases. 

There are many installed systems that contain features like overhangs or tunnels, to maximize space utilization and avoid the added cost of redesigning floorplans. 

3. Scalability

The AutoStore grid is designed to easily expand as your business and needs continue to grow throughout the years  without shutdown of the existing grid. 

A new system can be designed with future growth in mind, leaving space for additional bins or robots to be added to an existing grid, and without increasing the overall footprint. 

4. Reliability

Because all the robots within a given system work independently from one another, there is no single point of failure. On average, AutoStore systems globally have an average up-time availability of 99.7%

The system can even support 24/7 operations and the robots do not require warehouse lights to operate.

5. Productivity

The overall productivity of an automated system is often a crucial factor when deciding on a technology. Compared to conventional pick and replenishment tasks, the AutoStore system can not only perform both simultaneously, if desired, but can also consolidate entire orders at a single port. Reducing travel time to manually process orders and complete putaway tasks significantly increases throughput and maximizes efficiency. 

By minimizing human dependency, fulfillment accuracy errors can be avoided and ensure order accuracy in every instance. 

If you’d like to discover more benefits of using AutoStore for your warehouse operations, read more about it here.

What’s Next?

Understanding what makes the AutoStore system a revolutionary solution is just the first step into starting the implementation process. As part of making sure that an AutoStore solution is well-suited for your business, SDI Element Logic does an in-depth quantitative data analysis. As the world’s first and largest AutoStore integrator, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the execution process and provide the greatest support every step of the way.If you are interested in learning more about AutoStore and how we can optimize your warehouse performance, contact me: josh.beckham@sdi.systems or visit our website  https://sdi.systems/solutions/goods-to-person/autostore/.

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The Benefits of Automating Your Warehouse with AutoStore

The Benefits of Automating Your Warehouse with AutoStore

By: Cory Clifford

As the world increasingly becomes more automated and tech-driven, warehouses look for ways to become more efficient, and still provide the same quality service. A popular option is the use of Goods to Person (GTP) robotic picking systems like AutoStore, a high-density cube storage system. In this post, we will learn about AutoStore, what we can pick with it, and the benefits compared to manual/legacy systems.

What Is AutoStore?

AutoStore is a robotic GTP system designed to streamline warehouse operations by automatically picking storage bins and delivering them directly to operators at workstations/ports. This is done through a network of robots that can quickly and accurately transport bins from one place to another, eliminating the need for manual labor, improving productivity, increasing storage density, and reducing costs.

Warehouse worker entering inventory from AutoStore bin

What Can Be Stored in an AutoStore?

The type of items that can be placed in an AutoStore depend on the size and weight of what you’re looking to store. AutoStore systems are well-suited for handling items such as: 

  • consumer products
  • electronics
  • parts distribution
  • grocery
  • apparel 
  • bio/medical 

Can you use AutoStore for hazardous materials, sensitive electronics/components, fragile items, liquids, and high value products?

Yes! If your items fit into one of the three bin sizes, you can automate your picking in a secure and safe environment. SDI Element Logic uses extensive data analysis of your order structures and products to suggest and build the most efficient system possible for your operation.

AutoStore bin size comparison

Who Benefits from Using Autostore?

While e-commerce is often the first use that comes to mind, AutoStore is also applicable, and used extensively, for retail and wholesale. Discrete order picking, batch picking, and automatic order consolidation are all possible with AutoStore– making it one of the best all-around GTP systems on the market today.

AutoStore robot picking inventory

How will AutoStore benefit your operations?

AutoStore will:

  1. ·        Reduce human error by automating many processes that would otherwise be manual labor
  2. ·        Drastically decrease labor costs associated with warehouse operations as fewer people are required to operate the system
  3. ·        Boost productivity in a warehouse as goods can be stored and retrieved more quickly than if they had been handled manually

By eliminating human error and reducing costs associated with warehousing activities, you can improve your bottom line and still maintain high levels of quality service for your customers. AutoStore allows you not to sacrifice quality or customer satisfaction.For more information, contact me:  cory.clifford@sdi.systems or visit our website: https://sdi.systems/solutions/goods-to-person/autostore/

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LOS ANGELES, November 30, 2022

SDI Element Logic, a leading provider of materials handling systems and technology solutions to the retail, wholesale, fulfillment, and E-commerce industries, is happy to announce its new AutoStore project with long-time partner Jerry Leigh— one of the Walt Disney Company’s largest wholesale apparel manufacturers — at their Orlando, Fl, Distribution Center­.

Jerry Leigh will be equipping their Distribution Center with some of the latest technology to keep up with growth projections and boost productivity.

This implementation of AutoStore is, among other things, a testament of the relationship Jerry Leigh and SDI Element Logic have had.

“We believe this technology will help us sustain growth and increase efficiency for the years to come,” Andrew Leigh, President of Jerry Leigh, said,”

Andrew Leigh, President of Jerry Leigh,

“Jerry Leigh has had a long-term relationship with SDI Element Logic dating back to the early 90s,” Leigh added. “We are excited about entering the future through long-term investment.”

This solution will write another exciting chapter in this partnership.

“We’ve always prided ourselves in bringing Jerry Leigh the most innovative technologies.” Krish Nathan, SDI Element Logic’s CEO of the Americas, said. “We are incredibly excited to have this installment of AutoStore!


SDI Element Logic, a division of Element Logic®, has been offering turnkey Materials Handling systems and solutions to brands all over the world since 1977. They are specialists in apparel sortation, unit handling, consulting, engineering and design, systems, and software integration. SDI Element Logic integrates various innovative technologies such as Joey Pouch Sorter and Enzo AGV, and manufactures their own Tilt Tray Sorter and SORTRAK G4 — a Bomb Bay-style unit sorter. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, SDI Element Logic services domestic and international clients with operations across the Americas and has more than 400 Distribution Center systems installed. Learn more at www.SDI.SYSTEMS 

In 2022, SDI Element Logic was acquired by the Norwegian integrator, Element Logic® — the world’s first and largest AutoStore® partner. Their extensive experience in designing and installing tailor-made solutions that streamline customers’ workflow, along with their robotic solutions; material handling systems; and software and consulting services, help improve customers’ value chain become more profitable — meeting the end customer’s expectation of fast delivery. Optimizing warehouses of all sizes in a wide range of industries, including electronic components, parts distribution, consumer electronics, 3PL, pharmaceuticals, apparel, sports equipment, and more. Element Logic® is headquartered in Norway and owned by employees, with the European Private Equity company Castik Capital as the majority owner.  

Together, Element Logic® and SDI Element Logic operate worldwide with a total revenue of US$347 million in 2021 and form a robust integrator with numerous years of experience in diverse technologies across the world. Their combined regional expertise provides the most competitive solutions across the globe. 

For more information go to www.elementlogic.net and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

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