Key Highlights

The SDI Solution for ADS Logistic Services

CONSULTANCY APPROACH SDI partnered with ADS Logistic Services in order to increase the efficiency and optimize their distribution for their B2C operations.

AUTOMATED SOLUTION The implementation of a Put-to-Light system was the solution. It consisted of six zones with the ability to process 684 orders simultaneously and an unlimited amount of SKUs.
The system was installed in six weeks.

ENHANCED OPERATION The solution has increased operational performance and has brought the Put rates on average to 234 UPH.



Since 1996, ADS Logistics Services has dealt primarily with B2B operations. However, as times have changed, with internet, e-commerce, etc, ADS Logistic Services has been transitioning to B2C, dealing with higher SKU counts, reduced depth of sku, less pallets and increased case and unit storage requirements in their 540,000 sq. ft. facility. Shortly after landing a new B2C account, which was a fast-track at the time, they decided that in order to transition smoothly into this B2C business, they were going to have to automate their B2C operation.
SDI worked closely with ADS Logistic Services to implement the PTL system, which took approximately six weeks to install.


While ADS Logistic Services considered upgrading its existing flat sorter, the time required for the upgrades was not an option because it would not make the start up and shipping timetable required by the customer. The option of having a ‘more manual-type’ approach was also discussed in order to meet the timeline, however, SDI and its PTL solution was able to be installed in the timeline required.
“SDI did a very good job in making it all happen, from the fast track planning process to the actual install, Paul Peavey said”. “The quick and aggressive schedule and solution has actually turned out to be a great long-term solution.”


The solution has not only satisfied all of the customer requirements for the first 10 months of operation but, has a volume capacity three times over before having to consider a multi shift operation.

ADS Logistic Services, LP (ADS) is a privately held third party Logistics Company headquartered in New Jersey. Established in 1994 by a group of dedicated logistics professionals who were at the forefront of supply chain innovation, ADS continues to be a showcase operation.

SDI is an innovative provider of systems and solutions to the retail, wholesale, fulfillment and e-commerce industries for all aspects of distribution center materials handling.
As both consultants and systems integrators, the Company provides clients with a total logistics solution package which includes materials handling consulting, as well as design, engineering, fabrication, installation and integration services.